Michael Isenhour, PMP

Michael Isenhour is a highly skilled Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a distinguished track record in managing recompetes in government contracting, conducting in-depth market research, and spearheading business development initiatives. Served as a Contracting Officer Representative and Program Manager, Michael successfully managed contracts valued at over $149M and handled modifications exceeding $9.8M. His work involves close collaboration with contracting commands, businesses of all sizes, and military entities to ensure effective procurement, bidding, and contract management. One of Michael’s key strengths is managing projects that he secures in government contracting, a critical aspect that requires meticulous planning, execution and excellent communication. 

He ensures that his clients are well-prepared to retain existing contracts by enhancing their proposals with competitive insights and innovative solutions. His strategic approach includes a thorough analysis of past performance, identification of client needs, and crafting compelling proposals that highlight the unique value propositions of his clients.

Market research is another cornerstone of Michael’s expertise. He conducts exhaustive research to understand market trends, identify opportunities, and assess the competitive landscape. This research forms the basis for developing strategies that position his clients favorably in the marketplace. Michael’s ability to gather and analyze market data ensures that his clients are informed and can make strategic decisions that align with their business goals.

In the realm of business development, Michael is recognized for his ability to set his clients up for success. He employs unique methods that differentiate his clients from competitors, focusing on strategic positioning and leveraging his extensive network of industry contacts. His approach involves understanding client objectives, crafting targeted business development plans, and executing these plans to secure new contracts and increase revenue.

Michael’s success is also attributed to his strong relationships built over two decades in the military and industry. These relationships provide his clients with exclusive opportunities and insights, giving them a significant competitive advantage. By integrating these relationships with his strategic market insights, Michael ensures that his clients are always ahead of the curve, ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In summary, Michael;s comprehensive expertise in managing recompetes, conducting market research, and driving business development makes him an invaluable asset to any organization looking to enhance their government contracting success. His strategic approach, combined with his extensive experience and industry relationships, enables his clients to secure more contracts, increase their revenue, and achieve long-term success.

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