Monitoring your rivals and understanding the dynamics of your industry is crucial for running any enterprise. This body of knowledge is often referred to as “market intelligence”. Over time, the process of gathering market intelligence has evolved to incorporate thorough analysis and data analytics that contribute to enhancing your business strategies and forecasts. Fundamentally, market intelligence synthesizes data from a variety of sources to generate a complete understanding of your existing market, client base, challenges, competitors, and potential for expansion in terms of new offerings.

In the case of business dealings, top-performing government contractors allocate resources to acquire market intelligence about rival firms, forthcoming contracts, predicted agency budgets, and also historical pricing data from previous contracts. This information is vital for gauging relevancy in the government market, setting benchmarks, identifying opportunities, and formulating metrics to measure your degree of success in the marketplace.

As highlighted above, one of the key features of the service we provide is the in-depth market intelligence that we offer. This meticulous research is pivotal for any company looking to thrive in the government market. Without such specialized and exhaustive research, a company would have to hold off until an opportunity arises, and then hastily assemble a bid package. Market intelligence enables us to conduct research, establish communication with contract personnel, and plan for solicitations well in advance, even years before they are due. This paves the way for a sales initiative to inform the contracting team of your interest and familiarize them with your abilities, even before they call for bids.

Leveraging our exclusive databases, we possess the capacity to focus on a specific market segment or an individual competitor, geographical area, fiscal worth, and product/service. We chart out forthcoming opportunities with comprehensive details, facilitating us to organize efficient team efforts.